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26 апреля 2020

Millions of followers and thousands of likes - what could be better? Most likely, you will not bypass Olga Buzova's Instagram, but you can amuse your vanity with a couple of extra likes. You just need to follow our tips for promoting your Instagram account.

Promoting your Instagram account is easy. We will tell you how to get a lot of sub, likes and fame in the most famous social network. Get 50 free instagram likes and your personal Instagram profile and try go on to popularity.

Like comment on everything

Instagram is a very large social network. Music and movie stars, online stores and ordinary users all post photos try to win as many sub as possible. If you think that Instagram was created only for stupid bloggers - you are mistaken! Many large organizations even ministries have already set up accounts on this network. And what are you worse?

Don’t wait for subscribers to find you. Comment and like whatever you like. In a search for an application, hammer in any word, for example, “WOW”, and like all photos. Better yet, comment on them. “Wow!”

Anyone who sees that his photo was like or commented on by a stranger will look at his page out of curiosity. It is likely that one of these users will sub to your account.

Post your photos from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. According to statistics, it is at this time that you can get the maximum number of likes and new subscribers.

Follow other profiles. If you like the publication of a user, subscribe to it. Most of them will answer the same, but you just need subscribers.

Upload photos regularly. If you do not update the content, everyone will forget about you. Subscribers can leave, thinking that you left Instagram.

Instagram is known for its hashtags. If you put a pound sign - a hash (#) - before the word, the image associated with it will appear in the search for this hashtag. Sign the photo with the #chip tag, and it can be found among other photos with such a hashtag.

Some people think that a lot of hashtags are the way to success. But this only spoils the appearance of the publication. We recommend reducing the number of gratings and not unnerving subscribers. Use only relevant and useful hashtags and do not waste time writing “#cat” in 10 languages.

If you do not understand most modern words and trends, this should not stop you on the path to Instagram popularity. To always be in trend, use the "classic" hashtags for your photos. For example, #instagood, #nofilter or #photooftheday. They are often entered into the search bar and more often published. Try searching for images using one of these tags and see how many entries appear in the search results. Yes very many.

Another life hack: with the TagsForLikes application, you can find many popular hashtags and copy them to your publication. The service is available for both Android and iOS.

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